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Active Ingredient: Ciprofloxacin

Cipro is an antibiotic used to treat different kinds of infections.

1000 mg Cipro
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1000mg × 60 pills 37 560.53IDR 2 253 631.67IDR 57 301.57IDR imgAdd To Cart
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1000mg × 180 pills 34 816.32IDR 6 266 937.60IDR 665 862.12IDR imgAdd To Cart
750 mg Cipro
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750mg × 30 pills 19 695.40IDR 590 862.11IDR 0.00IDR imgAdd To Cart
750mg × 32 pills 18 568.70IDR 594 198.53IDR 36 054.39IDR imgAdd To Cart
750mg × 60 pills 14 281.94IDR 856 916.68IDR 324 807.54IDR imgAdd To Cart
Best Buy 750mg × 90 pills 12 479.07IDR 1 123 116.17IDR 649 470.16IDR imgAdd To Cart
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750mg × 360 pills 9 773.96IDR 3 518 624.34IDR 3 571 720.97IDR imgAdd To Cart
500 mg Cipro
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500mg × 10 pills 23 051.31IDR 230 513.05IDR 0.00IDR imgAdd To Cart
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500mg × 360 pills 3 067.38IDR 1 104 255.29IDR 7 194 214.58IDR imgAdd To Cart
250 mg Cipro
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250mg × 30 pills 12 422.65IDR 372 679.55IDR 0.00IDR imgAdd To Cart
250mg × 60 pills 11 699.73IDR 701 984.05IDR 43 375.04IDR imgAdd To Cart
Best Buy 250mg × 90 pills 4 210.19IDR 378 917.33IDR 739 121.31IDR imgAdd To Cart
250mg × 120 pills 3 556.59IDR 426 790.64IDR 1 063 927.55IDR imgAdd To Cart
250mg × 180 pills 2 902.97IDR 522 534.65IDR 1 713 542.64IDR imgAdd To Cart
250mg × 360 pills 2 250.16IDR 810 059.13IDR 3 662 095.43IDR imgAdd To Cart

Product Description

General information
Cipro is an antibiotic of broad spectrum used to treat different kinds of infections such as infections of gastrointestinal system, skin, pulmonary system, kidney system, urogenital system and others. Also it can be used against the following bacteria: Salmonella, Shigella, Proteus, Chlamydia, Streptococcus, Sraphybcoccus genus.
It is recommended to take the medicine as it was prescribed by your doctor. Take it with a big glass of water. You shouldn't take it with milk products.
Before starting your treatment with Cipro tell your doctor about all the conditions you can have: kidney or liver problems, myasthenia gravis, joint problems, diabetes, seizures, low levels of potassium in your blood, heart rhythm disorder. Do not stay under UV radiation too long.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under 18 y.o., patients with epilepsy and sensitivity to Cipro can't use the medicine.
Possible side effect
Headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, rash, confusion, hallucinatins, pale or yellowed skin, dark coloured urine, easy bleeding are common side effects. Stop taking the medicine and contact your doctor if you have any sign of them.
Drug interaction
Cipro can't be taken with medications which contain ions of aluminum, zinc, iron or magnesium,medications decreasing acidity in your stomach, alkaline mineral.
Missed dose
Take the missed dose as soon as possible. If it is almost time of the next intake just skip it and go back to your schedule.
If you think you have overdosed the medicine seek emergency medical help at once. The overdose symptoms are seizures, difficulty urination problems, weakness, or combination of blue lips and pale skin.
Store the medicine at room temperature between 59-77 degrees F (15-25 degrees C) away from light and moisture, kids and pets.
The information presented at the site has a general character. Note please this information cannot be used for self-treatment and self diagnosis. You should consult with your doctor or health care adviser regarding any specific instructions of your condition. The information is reliable, but we concede it could contain mistakes. We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other damage caused by use of this information on the site and also for consequences of self-treatment.
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